Module 5: Traditional ways of knowing

Appropriate Terminology: Article Icon

Indian Status: Article Icon

History of Wellness and Residential Schools: Article Icon

Truth and Reconcilliation Commission of Canada:  web

Traditional Practices

General Examples of Traditional Practices:  Website Icon 

Traditional Teachings of Inuit Peoples:  Website Icon

Traditional Teachings of Métis Peoples:  Article Icon

Traditional Teachings of First Nations Peoples:  Website Icon

Incorporating Traditional Practices to Western Medicine: Article Icon

Traditional Territory Map:  Website Icon


Traditional Territory Protocol:  Blog icon


Cultural Safety and Humility

Cultural Effective Practice:  Video Icon

FHNA Policy Statement on Cultural Safety and Humility: Article Icon

Cultural Competency & Safety throughout Northern Health: Website Icon

Birthing Experiences and Aboriginal Midwives

Impact of Forced Evacuation: Article Icon

First Birthing Center in Nunavut:  Video Icon

Inuit Midwives:  Article Icon

Six Nations Maternal & Child Centre: Article Icon

National Aboriginal Council of Midwives:  Website Icon

 Escorts for Pregant Women: Article Icon

Aboriginal Midwifery Practices in Canada:  Website Icon

Ontario Improving Access to Aboriginal Midwifery Care:Article Icon

Support for Pregnant Women

Maternal Support Worker Program: Article Icon

Restoring the Sacred Bond Initiative:  Website Icon

BCAAFC Doula Support Programs:  Website Icon

Aboriginal Pregnancy Passport: Article Icon

Inuit Women's Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: Article Icon

Tobacco Cessation Programs:  Website Icon

Konwati'shatstenhsherawi's - Women Empowering Women: Facebook icon


Additional Resources on Traditional Ways of Knowing

First Nation Health Authority:  Website Icon

Wichihitowin - Aboriginal Social Work in Canada:  Book Icon

Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit - What Inuit Have Always Known to be True:  Book Icon

An Aboriginal Approach to Social Work Practice: Article Icon

Practices and Policies from the Canadian Indigenous Example: Article Icon