Module 2: Trauma-Informed Practice

Trauma-informed: The Trauma Tooklit: Article Icon

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women:  Video Icon

Two-Spirit People:  Article Icon


Historical Trauma in American Indian/Native Alaska Communities: A Multilevel Framework for Exploring Impacts on Individuals, Families, and Communities: Article Icon

Adverse Childhood Experiences (CDC - Kaiser ACE Study):  Website Icon

Full CDC-Kaiser ACE Study: Article Icon

Nurses excluded from PTSD Support Bill in Ontario: Article Icon

Ted Talk on Childhood Trauma:  Video Icon


NWAC Sexually Transmitted and Blood-Borne Infection Resources for Indigenous women, girls, gender diverse people and service providers:  web

NWAC Fact Sheet - Transforming our Response to Sexual and Reproductive Health: Article Icon

Tubal Ligation in the Saskatoon Health Region: The Lived Experience of Aboriginal Women: Article Icon


Native Women's Association of Canada (NWAC) Fact Sheet - Root Causes of Violence Against Aboriginal Women and the Impact of Colonization: Article Icon

Examples of Trauma

Individuals Article IconArticle Icon

Families Article Icon Article Icon

Communities Article Icon  Article Icon

Cultures Article Icon